New Updates
New Updates
"A moving film with fine performances from its
two leads, Roberto Sanchez as Francisco and
the young Johanna Trujillo as Cecilia"-
"Stunning performances by both Trujillo and
Sanchez, along with a well-written script that
plays out in a captivating landscape, make this
an extraordinary movie"-
Film Pulse
"Roberto Sanchez brings an immediate likeability
to Francisco. I mean this man just has charisma
pulsing from his towering frame...."
- The Twitch
"A love letter of wounded prose for outsiders, a film
for and about dreamers. A piece of art to comfort
the solitary and the lonesome
" - The Totality
"The central characters-- a middle aged Cuban
laborer and a 10-year-old girl just arrived from
Mexico--are compelling in their self-containment"

- The Hollywood Reporter
"Sanchez is also a treat to watch, giving a
performance that embodies both the soulful and
dejected qualities of Francisco....."
- Indiewire
Lake Los Angeles